Nostalgia Deathstar - The Colour Vertical (new single)

posted 30 Jun 2020, 01:39 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 30 Jun 2020, 01:42 ]

Nostalgia Deathstar - The Colour Vertical - a Kraftwerkian part 6 in our project of monthly releases for 2020 - available here

Vocals - Martin James
Music and Production - Sean Albiez

Electronic Sound - Issue 66

posted 11 Jun 2020, 11:58 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 11 Jun 2020, 11:59 ]

Out today - includes a few of my thoughts on Kraftwerk and Florian Schneider who died on the 21st of April this year. Thanks to Stephen Dalton for the opportunity to contribute to this. Here's Stephen's interview with Ralf Hütter from 2009.

Nostalgia Deathstar - Gary Numan (new single)

posted 31 May 2020, 00:58 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 11 Jun 2020, 12:02 ]

New Nostalgia Deathstar single - the 5th release in a monthly series for 2020 from myself and Martin James. An electro rock chant for plague-silenced terraces. Available here and on all streaming platforms.

A 21 year old electro-synth philosopher once posed the question ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ - Keith Flint, Ginger Baker, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Lisa “Left Eye”, Dr John, Mark Hollis, Scott Walker, Philippe Zdar, Amy Winehouse, Marc Bolan, Leonard Cohen, Jake Black, Aaliyah, Ian Curtis, Tammi Tyrell, Peter Tosh, Syd Barrett, Kemistry, Minnie Riperton, Bob Marley, Peter Shelley, Mark E Smith, Joe Strummer ...

‘Electricity, like Gary Numan said’

Nostalgia Deathstar - Relic (new single)

posted 30 Apr 2020, 02:43 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 30 Apr 2020, 02:45 ]

New single from Nostalgia Deathstar - our 4th monthly release of 2020. A bit of a gear change. It's an icy, reflective electro ballad with a nod to Ryuichi Sakamoto among others ... available here and on all streaming platforms.

Nostalgia Deathstar are Sean Albiez (Music) and Martin James (Vocals & Lyrics)

Nostalgia Deathstar - The Better (new single)

posted 31 Mar 2020, 02:28 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 31 Mar 2020, 02:37 ]

New single release 31st March 2020 - Nostalgia Deathstar - The Better

Nostalgia Deathstar

posted 4 Mar 2020, 06:24 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 11 Jun 2020, 12:03 ]

My latest music project is a collaboration with Martin James - electronic music / synthpop with a dark gothic twist drawing from our shared influences - we'll be releasing a single a month in 2020 via all streaming platforms

More details here

obe:lus | Shadowed Life - new 4 track e.p.

posted 2 Mar 2017, 02:51 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 2 Mar 2017, 02:54 ]

obe:lus | RB - new album

posted 15 Feb 2017, 05:14 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 2 Mar 2017, 02:52 ]

I have just released a new ambient electronic album, RB - available here

Brian Eno: Oblique Music - interviews and features

posted 18 Aug 2016, 03:22 by Sean Albiez   [ updated 24 Nov 2016, 13:15 ]

Solent University short news feature with me chatting about Eno and electronic music.

An interview with myself and David Pattie on RHYSTRANTER.COM.

More information on the book available on the Bloomsbury site and Facebook.

“Meticulously written, rich in detail and factually argued ... Anyone who wants to know Eno from the beginning, to understand his experimental strategies in the studio or to study his eternal movement between pop music and free sound, will not be disappointed.” Groove (German electronic music magazine - Bloomsbury translation) 

Specialists in English, media, film and television have also been invited to take part in this conversation, which feels authentic to the spirit of Eno ... [T]he book mulls over those necessary questions that anyone thinking about Eno must eventually face.” The Wire

'This much needed book explores the many trajectories of Eno’s varied career, and it will engage and excite any music lover, regardless of your opinion of Eno’s work. It’s a richly rewarding collection that deftly explores and unpacks the work of one of popular music’s pioneering figures. While much has been written on Eno, and no doubt will continue to be written, Oblique Music does an outstanding job of critically capturing both the well-known and less familiar elements of Eno’s work. Beyond the specifics of this work, the book provides some thought-provoking material on broader issues such as collaboration, composition, creativity, experimentation, musicianship, technology and more, and as such will stimulate the interest of anyone engaged in music creation and production. This is a book that you will return to time and again—like Eno’s best work, its rewards make themselves most evident after repeated visits'. Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

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