Music - Other bands and projects

Below are details of various bands and recording projects I have been involved with, with links to tracks from each of them. The audio quality of the early tracks is highly variable due to limitations in the original recording environment or due to mastering from 2nd generation cassette tapes. They can be downloaded by right-clicking and going to 'Save Target As...'.

Well Martin, This is Different 1985-86
Well Martin, This is Different were a Leeds-based Goth-Punk-Indie band - headed by Richard Rouska - that I joined in June 1985. Our first release was 'Blood Like Water' on the Rouska Records Raging Sun LP in October that year. The band would eventually mutate and re-emerge with myself and Richard as core members of industrial-electro band WMTID in 1987-88 - but in this earlier period myself, Richard and other collaborators spent time recording at Lion Studios with Tony Bonner, and with Keith Langley on 4-track demos that Richard informs me almost got us signed to EMI. We had what can only be described as a dichotomous sound - sometimes with affrontive feedback driven studio experiments and at other times C86 style indie pop.
Richard Rouska [Vocals, Noise, Guitar], Sean Albiez [Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals], Liz Paddison [Vocals], Various Drum Machines
Just Hip 1986-87


Just Hip were a Leeds-based indie band comprised of 4 student friends from Manchester, Blackpool & Knutsford - musical touchstones were understandably therefore west of the pennines. The band name was taken from an early James track. After 2 gigs and a few recording sessions between November 1986 and March 1987, the band decided to call it a day.
Tim Difford [Vocals, Bass], Sean Albiez [Guitar, Keyboards], Kris Turski [Bass], Zbig Ucinek [Keyboards, Vocals], 
Studio tracks recorded after hours at TASC by Richard Woodcock [Engineer/Producer]
Just Hipper 1986-87
While in Just Hip, myself & Tim Difford as Just Hipper recorded a track (Land of Madness) with John Pennington at Strawberry Studios, Stockport in November 1986, and also began to explore the then emerging genre of house in 4-track studio projects.
Sean Albiez [Keyboards, Drum Programming], Tim Difford [Keyboards, Vocals]

Axis 1987
Myself & Tim Difford also recorded several pieces of electronic instrumental music as Axis in 4-track studio projects between April and June 1987.
Sean Albiez [Keyboards, Guitar] & Tim Difford [Keyboards]
     Axis 1 - Axis 2 - Axis 3 - Axis 4 - Axis 5

You Can't Get Fresher Than This 1987
In Autumn 1987 I recorded a track at Strawberry Studios, Stockport with John Pennington engineering and producing that attempted to mix house with electro beats. John later added some vocals and guitar overdubs and (I seem to remember ...) it appeared as 'Rock the House' on a Strawberry Studios/Yellow Two sampler.

WMTID 1989

In May 1989 myself and Richard Rouska were asked to put together a potential single for a dance-pop act on Jive Records / Zomba Publishing - the track, 'Love Is No Guarantee' was written and recorded over 3 days, with Georgina Mulvihill providing vocals. It was eventually released on the second WMTID album, Pale Saint.

Spacebeagle 1992
In 1992, again with Tim Difford, and heavily influenced by Hüsker Dü and Bob Mould, we wrote and recorded a few tracks, the best of which were 'Jack Forrest' and 'Heading North'.
Sean Albiez [Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming] & Tim Difford [Vocal, Guitar]

Flicker Conspiracy 1995-97
As part of a research project on the emerging potential and implications of the WWW for popular music and the music industry, I produced several tracks as Flicker Conspiracy - some that were an extension of the industrial and electronic WMTID sound, and others imaginary soundtracks of one kind or another related to a convoluted fictional conspiracy theory. The project name was both an allusion to Theodore Roszak's book Flicker and The Fall's 'Kicker Conspiracy' - but had little else to do with either.

breastroke 1998-2001
In 1998 I joined breastroke - an Exeter based indie band who had already gained an amount of success, including John Peel radio play, for their first album Blinded By the Horn. Although I was involved in the band until 2004, the period between 1998 and 2001 was the most productive in terms of gigging and recording. In September 1999 after entering an NME selection process we were asked to play at In the City in Liverpool as part of the unsigned bands showcase, and played many gigs at the Cavern in Exeter, supporting bands such as Lupine Howl.
Matt Jones [Guitar, Vocal], Matt Smith [Guitar, Vocal], John Panton [Drums]
Sean Albiez [Guitar, Keyboards, Stylophone], Alan Craig [Bass]

Cuban Boys Remix - 2001
In 2001 I remixed a Cuban Boys track, 'Czar Zoo' in return for their sterling work on the breastroke track 'Hay is for Horses'.