Music - WMTID

WMTID were a Leeds (UK) based 1980s-early 1990s industrial-electro-EBM band with musical similarities to KMFDM, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, New Order and fellow Leeds-based Eurotechno post punk disco terrorists Son of Sam and Cassandra Complex. I joined Richard Rouska in the Goth-Punk-Indie band Well Martin, This Is Different in June 1985. By 1987-88, the band had changed direction and was renamed WMTID. I undertook (at various times) keyboard, guitar, bass and sequencing duties across WMTID's releases.
12”: (1988) Rouska - Profane 45

'Go Big Red' / '(Welcome To The) Global Casino (Sheik Your Money)'
12”: (1989) Rouska - Profane 81

The Electric Church
CD/LP: (1989) Concrete Productions CPRODCD/LP 007
- 'Kill Me, I Ain't Ever Died Before'

Pale Saint
CD/LP: (1992) D.O.R.

Steal II
Ltd Cassette Album: (1993) Rouska - Profane 90



Profane 9
10”: (1987) Rouska - Profane 9
‘Nine Years’

Zarah Leander’s Greatest Hits
CD: (1987) Rouska Concord 18CD
‘Nine Years’

Rouska’s Dollar Cacophony
LP: (1988) Rouska /Underground Magazine UGRA1
‘Onassis’ & ‘(Welcome to the) Global Casino’

Funky Alternatives Vol. 3
CD: (1989) Concrete Productions CPROD CD/LP003 **
‘(Welcome to the) Orbital Casino (extended mix)’

Sex Pistols and The Damned - A Tribute: The Pretty and the Vacant
CD: (1992) Released Emotions Records REM019 CD
'God Save the Queen'